Saturday, October 21st, 2017

The Shout Outs were shut out in our cookie poll. Someone out there actually likes the Shortbread cookies? Really? But no surprise, the Thin Mints are the favorites. Print this entry

We’ll run the poll one more day. Just as I suspected, nobody likes the shortbread cookies. Print this entry

The Top Cookie poll continues. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? As I suspected, there are not a lot of Shortbread cookie fans out there. Print this entry

Many of you are either buying or selling Girl Scout cookies this year. My daughter is turned in her order form today and I thought it would be a great time to ask the question, “What is your favorite cookie?” By the way, who eats shortbread cookies and why? I’m partial to Thin Mints myself, […]

Thank you for helping us make our cookie goal. If you are still interested in helping the Girl Scouts at St. Mary’s in Waukesha by buying Girl Scout cookies, there is still plenty of time to order. Thanks again! Print this entry

The Flower Fairy is wondering where your cookie order is. Buy some cookies. Print this entry

Now that I’ve made you hungry for cookies, how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies will you order? Print this entry