Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

If you were listening to WISN’s Mark Belling yesterday afternoon, he discussed the Golden Guernsey closing during the second half of the second hour of his show. Belling was correct. Steve Means from the Attorney General’s office wrote a defense of Attorney General JB Van Hollen joining the anti-trust lawsuit that was in direct response […]

The closing of the Golden Guernsey milk plant in Waukesha was not a failure of the anti-trust action taken by Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s office, it was a success story. Just ask state DOJ attorney Steve Means: Steve Means, one of the attorneys of record for the state Department of Justice in the Dean […]

Government interference led to Golden Guernsey closure Van Hollen not a milk market expert Waukesha Freeman Opinion Page a6  1/10/2013 Sometimes we just have to ask, “And how did it work out for you?” Shortly before Christmas, I had the two children in the car driving around looking at the Christmas decorations. We had just […]