Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Always good to see people who are paid huge sums of money, even more than union bosses, to play a game lecturing taxpayers that they should pay more in taxes. I’d take the players more seriously if they were more concerned about taking care of their own. I have an idea. Let’s cut the taxpayer […]

For people who think I politicize the Green Bay Packers too much, what do you think of this? I wonder if the Left will stop trying to thwart the Packers’ big box development plans next to a tiny wetlands area now that they are Super Bowl champions. One thing the Green Bay Packers proved tonight: […]

“I could spend the morning curing diabetes and I’ll remember it as the second most important thing that happened today.” – Christian Schneider “This morning I used Suave shampoo and felt somehow connected to Clay Matthews…in a small and rather pathetic way.” – Charlie Sykes I’ve never met anyone making annual pilgrimages to Heinz Field. […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Feb 3, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:10A Walker must offer more than ‘Go Packers !’ Yes, state’s fiscal condition is bad, but what will governor do about it? Plus, answer to less democracy is not ending democracy in Supreme Court race Perhaps it’s fitting that Gov. Scott Walker gave his State of the State speech […]

The Green Bay Packers are fighting on two fronts this week. Not only are they squaring off against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Super Bowl Sunday, but they’re fighting the Democrats in the state legislature as well. The Green Bay Packers are playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday, but efforts by several Wisconsin Democratic legislators […]

Police Investigating Bullet Holes Found In Lambeau Field Atrium Anybody check the players’ lockers? Just a suggestion. Print this entry

My interview with Dick Leinenkugel in the Waukesha Freeman last week caught the attention of the Terrence Wall campaign and WISN’s Mark Belling (7:11 in). An e-mail from the Wall campaign yesterday: Dick Leinenkugel was a quick study under his old boss, Jim Doyle. It only took him 18 months to acquire Jim Doyle’s sense of […]

I blame Owen Robinson. Update! I hope he makes enough for two. I’ll bring the ketchup. Print this entry

I noticed this week that very few Green Bay Packers fans were bothering to say anything to this Dallas Cowboys fan about the upcoming game. I also noticed that tickets were readily available for the game at near-face value. Is the pessimism of Packer fans justified? Of course. The Cowboys’ pass rush is far superior […]

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