Friday, April 27th, 2018

They’re not even pretending they have ethical standards anymore:   Pretty pathetic. No, really, I wonder how Gregg Wandsneider gets space in the newspaper. Print this entry

Okay, I won’t be campaigning for a candidate, either. When I mentioned Waukesha Freeman columnist Gregg Wandsneider appearing in a Scrima campaign photo, Scrima’s ardent admirer and supporter Kelsie Wendelberger begged for me to pull the post down. I said no, with good reason. The Scrima campaign actually pulled the photo down. Now he’s on […]

(Note: Around the time a comment was posted below criticizing me, the Scrima for Mayor campaign pulled the picture down. We’re going to have a complete photo album of pictures the Scrima campaign has pulled down due to criticism before this election is over. It still doesn’t change that Wandsneider never should have posed for […]

When Mayor Jeff Scrima handed out keys to the city last year, I criticized a few of them as well as the number of keys that were handed out. A debate of sorts (mostly calling me a terrible person) took place on a Facebook page when the subject of Waukesha Freeman Columnist Gregg Wandsneider getting […]