Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Oh, come on. Somebody had to write it. The ninnies at the Eau Claire school district decided that a 21-gun salute at a ceremony honoring veterans would just be too scary for the adults in attendance and cancelled the program. I love how soldiers firing blanks is just too much for the educational weenies. WTAQ’s […]

After the mass shooting in Connecticut, the left has had its “gun control now” moment. Now the other side is returning rhetorical fire and calling for the arming of teachers.  Pro-2nd amendment gun advocates say if we arm teachers, we could possibly stop these mass shootings faster. Texas is moving in that direction. Looking back […]

Murdoch calls for automatic weapons ban… via @politico — Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) December 15, 2012   *sigh* Automatic weapons are already effectively banned in this country. The National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Hughes Amendment in 1986 have all placed limits on how automatic guns can be […]

A grandma in Alabama saved her life by firing back at two would-be robbers. Seconds later, two men carrying guns approached her. One of them, later identified by police as Brenton Lance Spencer, 32, started to shout at her through the front passenger door to open the vehicle up and give him her money. The […]

Having met and talked with State Representative Bill Kramer more than a few times, one word springs to mind, unperturbed. The sky is rarely falling, the sun will rise tomorrow, and life at the legislature goes on. He has his issues of special concern, of course, but there is a certain amount of perspective in […]

The city of Waukesha just voted to allow guns to be carried in city buildings by concealed carry permit holders. After a rather calm debate, on both sides, the council voted overwhelmingly in favor of allowing concealed carry in city buildings. Bunch of Commies. Print this entry

The Wiggy poll is still open. When you cap a crook breaking into your home, what’s going to be your signature phrase? Print this entry

Now that the castle doctrine is about to become law, what will be your catchphrase when you defend the castle? Will you quote Arnold Schwarzenegger when you perforate the perp? Or Mel Brooks? The Wiggy Poll is open all weekend. Print this entry

Before we rush to criticize local governments like the cities of Waukesha and Milwaukee for banning guns in city buildings, let’s try to put ourselves in their shoes. I think most of us would cringe at the thought of Miles Kristan, or any of his companions, having a concealed weapons permit. I’m sure if we […]

Patrick at Badger Blogger took the opportunity to record the first few moments of the New Year in his neighborhood in Milwaukee: That’s not microwave popcorn. Update: Owen Robinson notes a tragic result of this kind of celebration. Four years old. Print this entry