Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

CNN has stumbled on the rapper crime of the century. B.o.B. (aka Bobby Ray Simmons) is insisting that the heliocentric view of our solar system is wrong, that the Earth is actually flat, and has even challenged Neil deGrasse Tyson on the subject. Somehow CNN missed that Simmons is a Holocaust denier and an Anti-Semite. […]

Conservative author/writer Joe Sobran died yesterday.  He was 64.  Sobran, a senior editor at National Review, left the magazine due to controversy after being accused of anti-Semitism.  He continued to associate himself with Holocaust denier David Irving.  If Sobran was not anti-Semitic, he certainly leaned that way and he supported anti-Semites. Four years ago, Wisconsin Forum, a […]

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo has the content of the note found in Holocaust Memorial Shooter James von Brunn’s car: “You want my weapons — this is how you’ll get them. The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America’s […]

Well, it’s official. Jake Tapper of ABC News questioned President Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today: TAPPER: This is really just out of curiosity more than anything. How do you guys decide which acts of violence will prompt a White House response and which ones won’t? There was a statement that went out about Dr. […]

As I explain in my column in the Waukesha Freeman, it’s been a heady week for the Libertarians. Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr announced he’s running for president as a Libertarian. Zogby polling currently has him at 3 percent, just enough to have a Nader-like effect on Republican chances in November. Meanwhile, Texas Congressman Ron […]