Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Consider this a cautionary tale. When Sameer Khan wanted to re-open a hot dog stand, Judy’s Red Hots, at 27th and Kilbourn in Milwaukee, his plans were stopped by local Alderman Bob Baumann. The neighborhood had problems with the previous ownership of the stand, and that caused Baumann to do anything he could to stop […]

The Milwaukee Bucks are following me on Twitter. Do you think the players are sitting around in the locker room checking on their Blackberries for my latest updates on hot dog stands, drunk legislators, baseball parks and Mayor Nelson’s fashion sense? By the way, you can follow me and follow my blog on Twitter, too. […]

The Khan family will not be able to re-open Judy’s Red Hots at 2635 W. Kilbourn Ave in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Common Council voted 14-1 against them tonight. I understand the neighborhood’s concerns regarding the unsavory characters that frequented the hot dog stand under the old owners. Pimps, whores and drug dealers gotta eat, too. […]

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