Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Dec 15, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:6A Capitol policies are capital failure Walker administration should rethink security rule Gov. Scott Walker’s administration announced new policies concerning events in the state Capitol. These new policies should be scrapped immediately and not wait for the American Civil Liberties Union to prevail in a lawsuit. Any […]

WTMJ-AM’s John Mercure spoke with Jeremy Ryan, aka “Segway Boy,” on his afternoon news show the other day to discuss the continued harassment of state legislators in the Capitol itself. After lying about how all he wants to do is talk to members of the legislature and they wouldn’t be harassed, Ryan justifies calling State […]

What is the point of having police in the state Capitol? It’s not like they are actually doing anything. About 30 “Solidarity Singers” defied warnings from Capitol Police and continued to protest on the Capitol’s second floor on Thursday. Police issued verbal warnings to protesters involved in the daily Solidarity Singalong on Wednesday and posted […]

This is absolutely ridiculous. The courts have said the administration can close the Capitol at it’s normal closing time. Close the Capitol and arrest the squatters. Now. Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs was attempting to convince the demonstrators to leave the building and return in the morning. “All I’m asking you to do, from the […]

Former Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch told the Chicago Sun-Times Rep. Jeff Wood showed “remarkably poor judgement” when he was arrested for drunk driving. Rep. Mike Huebsch, the former Republican speaker who clashed with Wood, said the lawmaker showed “remarkably poor judgment” in driving drunk. “And you can’t explain the illicit drugs,” Huebsch said. “That’s inexplicable […]

With the announcement by Mike Huebsch that he is not running for assembly minority leader, the scramble is on for the leadership positions. Jeff Fitzgerald is already running for assembly minority leader. Look for an announcement today from conservative Scott Newcomer that he’s joining the race. Geography, fundraising ability and conservative credentials will all play […]

Jessi Olson, an enthusiastic new blogger that I met the other day, has a new project, Drill Here Drill Now Tuesdays. I’ll be playing along, too, along with some other bloggers. Help spread the word, and also support the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership’s call for the repeal of Wisconsin’s Minimum Markup law. State Representatives Leah […]

Because the Democratic governor cut the state budget too much with his veto power, the Goldilocks in the Republican Assembly Caucus decided to attempt to override the vetoes to make the cuts just right. However, they didn’t have the votes for even one veto override? So not only is the Democratic Governor more fiscally responsible […]

The Republicans in the Assembly are going to try to override some of the Democratic governor’s vetoes because he cut some areas of the budget too deep. Lawmakers passed a bill earlier this month that would solve the state’s $527 million shortfall in part by ordering state agencies to cut $69 million. The bill specified […]

Troy Fullerton describes the speeches of Congressmen Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner as “Good Cop, Bad Cop” and has the transcript of the bad cop’s speech. Sensenbrenner’s speech is worth reading for the part attacking the state budget fix compromise. The State budget repair bill which passed this week strips away the money to implement […]