Friday, October 20th, 2017

Palestinians managed to convince the United Nations agency UNESCO that the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem faces imminent danger, in part because the church needs repairs and in part because Israel maintains sovereignty over the West Bank region. The church was listed as “an endangered world heritage site” which, according to the Associated Press, […]

Daniel Pipes sees a silver lining in the cloudy thinking of the Obama Administration about Israel. Among other things, he notes the Administration apparently can’t count: (2) If Obama et al. hope to bring down Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government, they can’t count Knesset seats. Peeling away Labor will lead to its replacement by rightist […]

Alan Dershowitz, writing at the Huffington Post, describes what happened at UC Irvine: Recently Michael Oren, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, who is an academic historian and a political moderate, was invited to speak at the University of California at Irvine. I know Michael well and have heard him speak many times. He is […]

The US Department of Energy is a co-sponsor of a solar power competition in Spain. Among the qualified entrants is a team from Israel. Outrageously, the Spanish government has informed Israel that their team is not welcome. Spain is hosting the Solar Decathlon Europe in June 2010, an international competition in which teams from 20 […]

We often have a hard time understanding the terror attacks on Israel and what they mean. I don’t know if this 2002 Larry Miller article from the Weekly Standard makes the current war any clearer, but it does put a human face on the war and the threat Israel faces. The article is one of […]

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Okay, Ed Garvey makes a funny observation. Candidate Obama joked at the Al Smith dinner that whoever “gave me my middle name (Hussein) wasn’t thinking about my candidacy.” Lots of bigots tried to swift boat Barack on Ayers, socialists, Saul Alinsky and his middle name. None of it stuck. In the last desperate weeks of […]

We begin this week’s search for the Idiot Politician of the week with Mike Huckabee’s attempt at off-the-cuff humor at the NRA convention:Oh yes, assassination jokes are hilarious. Meanwhile, Senator Barack Obama had his idiot moment this week when President Bush, speaking before the Israeli Knesset, criticized those who would appease terrorists. Senator Obama quickly […]

Idiots, idiots everywhere. On the way home this evening I saw one idiot behind the wheel of a car honking her horn because the six cars in her lane weren’t moving. When they did move, they didn’t move fast enough for her and she honked her horn again. This time the car in front of […]