Thursday, April 26th, 2018

In this interview with Jeff Lynne, VH1’s Nik Carter asked about the Traveling Wilburys and the future of the Electric Light Orchestra: Get More: Music Videos, Free Music Videos Happy Birthday Jeff! He is 67 years old today. Print this entry

I can’t wait. A new tribute album to Buddy Holly is being put together by Peter Asher, and it includes a cover of “Words of Love” by Jeff Lynne. THR: And you’re producing every track? Asher: So far, the only one I didn’t do is Jeff Lynne because he does all his stuff in his […]

I get a small chuckle when I read about current acts learning about Jeff Lynne and ELO. This was from a Rolling Stone interview with Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects. Have you been working on new music? Yeah we’ve been working on a whole now sort of vibe for this band. It’s been sort of […]

Oooh. I see a wedding anniversary present for me: On 9 August 2010, Eagle Rock Entertainment release “Live – The Early Years” from the Electric Light orchestra [Cat No: EREDV780]. This is the first time any of this material has been released on DVD and only the Fusion show was ever released on VHS. “Live […]

In this interview, Jeff Lynne describes how he wrote the hit song “Living Thing” for ELO. Here’s an interview with Jeff Lynne at the time of Armchair Theater. Jeff Lynne talks about visiting the Abbey Road studio: I thought this was really interesting. Jeff Lynne’s fingerprints are all over it. Finally, “Turn to Stone” from […]

Happy birthday to me. I’m hoping Ed Heidegger is right. I really can’t afford the car necessary to have a mid-life crisis. Print this entry

I understand Mayor Nelson has decided to change the format for tomorrow night’s “State of the City” address. He’s decided on an address in song. Here’s a preview: Print this entry

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