Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Our friend Kevin Binversie, in commenting on this story, is trying to remember a similar case in Wisconsin a few years ago. As Wisconsin political trivia fans know, the candidate in question was Donovan Riley, the left’s first attempt to knock off former State Senator Jeff Plale as part of the Democratic Party’s march to […]

Democrats are still trying to figure out why Democratic State Senator Russ Decker voted against the state employee union contracts. But when they guessed that he might not be willing to vote their way, Democrats tried to get Decker to leave town. Hansen says he and others tried to get Decker to go home rather […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 19, 2010; Section:Opinion; Page Number:10A Neumann-Walker race could have domino effect Other races around area might feel impact Primary elections are tricky elections to predict because the smaller they are, the less likely anybody will do any polling. You have to go by “feel” and what you see for campaign activity. […]

With the announcement by State Representative Bob Ziegelbauer that he will be seeking re-election as an independent rather than a Democrat, I’m sure there will be a plethora of stories of how the Democrats are tearing themselves apart ideologically. Just like the series of stories that followed the announcement State Senator Jeff Plale has an […]

The MacIver Institute is handing out the awards to celebrate the end of the legislative calendar. In part one, they handed out the following: Steel Spine: Senator Tim Carpenter Spine of Jello: Senator Kathleen Vinehout Straight Talker: Senator Jeff Plale Mr. Sensitivity: Representative Pedro Colon Taxpayer Hero: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Raquel Rutledge Taxpayer Villain: […]

State Representative Spencer Black blames the State Senate for not having the votes, the State Senate says it’s the Assembly’s fault because the bill is too expensive. To give you an idea of why it’s so hard to pass the bill in the Senate, Senator Jeff Plale in the video says he’s reluctant to support […]

State Representative Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) is no friend of the Milwaukee school choice program and proved it again with a purely gratuitous move to reduce the enrollment cap for school choice students from 22,500 to 19,500. Readers will remember the fight to set the cap at 22,500, and how much heat Governor Doyle took. Now […]