Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Madison protestor Jeremy Ryan, aka Segway boy, is not dead yet, despite reports of his impending demise. However, Capitol police are unhappy to discover he has a police officer’s jacket. A well-known Capitol protester was charged Wednesday with receiving stolen property for allegedly keeping a State Capitol police officer’s jacket, which he said he wore […]

Zach Wisniewski at Blogging Blue is questioning “Segway boy” Jeremy Ryan’s handling of the “Defending Wisconsin PAC” money. Among those groups was the Defending Wisconsin PAC, led by its Executive Director (and professional protester) Jeremy Ryan. You may remember Jeremy Ryan as the same individual who in 2011 solicited online donations to support his lifestyle […]

WTMJ-AM’s John Mercure spoke with Jeremy Ryan, aka “Segway Boy,” on his afternoon news show the other day to discuss the continued harassment of state legislators in the Capitol itself. After lying about how all he wants to do is talk to members of the legislature and they wouldn’t be harassed, Ryan justifies calling State […]