Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Our friends at RightWisconsin asked Dave Blaska, Jerry Bader and me to join their editor Collin Roth in talking about who and what are on the ballot today. I actually put on my prognosticator pundit hat on (always dangerous) and predicted the outcomes of a number of elections in Waukesha. One race I touched on […]

Writing over at RightWisconsin, Jerry Bader explains that he supports the sale of raw milk but he does not support the current bill. The reason, he explains, is that the bill would look like Wisconsin regulations will make raw milk safe when they really won’t. Critics argue that such regulation would make it impractical for […]

WTAQ has suspended radio personality Jerry Bader for two weeks, starting Monday, for a podcast he did saying an extra-marital affair forced Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton from the race for governor. Bader retracted the statement the next day when Lawton denied the story. Lawton, apparently dissatisfied with Bader’s punishment, lashed out at the entire city […]

WTAQ will have an announcement regarding Jerry Bader’s status tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.   What do you think should happen? Update! Bader suspended for two weeks, liberals get to listen to Glenn Beck instead. Print this entry

Erik Gunn e-mailed me last night for an on-the record statement regarding my blog post concerning WTAQ radio personality Jerry Bader’s now-retracted statements about Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton.  I responded and offered to answer additional questions by phone if he desired.  Gunn was apparently satisfied and quotes me in his article for Wispolitics.com.  Here is my […]

Well, either Jerry Bader at WTAQ just opened himself up to a serious slander lawsuit, or he has the explanation of why Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton decided not to run (audio). (Thanks to Lakeshore Laments.)  Look, I’m not looking for saints in public office.  But if her lifestyle was such an open secret supposedly, how stupid […]

At least the state DPI race is being fought over the issues, albeit a trifle one-sided. Candidate Rose Fernandez is challenging the educational establishment again, this time over standards: There is no doubt that Wisconsin has some great public schools. But without solid standards and the ability to accurately measure student performance we will never […]

Jeff Dickert is this week’s poster boy for a desperate education establishment afraid that their grip on the state department for public instruction may be slipping away. As WISN’s Mark Belling reported first on Friday, Dickert sent out an e-mail invitation to a fundraiser for WEAC-endorsed Tony Evers in violation of the law. Badger Blogger […]