Monday, November 20th, 2017

Waukesha Freeman 11/07/2013, Page A08  Mayor’s vetoes the result of poor leadership  Scrima’s grandstanding creates unnecessary tension   On Tuesday night the Waukesha Common Council voted to override Mayor Jeff Scrima’s vetoes of the increases in salaries for the mayor and the aldermen. The increases will not take effect until a new term in office. In defending […]

Bad news for the city of Waukesha, but not unexpected. Waukesha Patch is reporting City Administrator Lori Luther is moving to Illinois to become the County Administrator. Becoming the Peoria County administrator is a step up for Luther, who will be overseeing a budget of $110 million and 27 department heads. The county has a […]

The Spring City Chronicle is reporting that the scope of public comments may be drastically curtailed: I got wind that Alderwoman Joan Francouer wants to propose that public comment at Common Council Meetings be restricted to items appearing on the agenda. I would encourage others on the Common Council vote this proposal down. Such a […]

Last night the Common Council put the mayor’s appointments for the Landmarks Commission on hold, not rejected as I reported before. Brian Running withdrew his name. The other two appointees were James Healy and Adam Neylon. Adam Neylon works for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, was the Republican Party of Waukesha County youth coordinator, and is a […]

I know. It’s shocking that aldermen behave like, well, aldermen. From the Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman: What a group of pig-headed aldermen, Ybarra, Francouer and Tortomasi, who think they should usurp the mayor’s power, who was elected with 1,700 more votes than Nelson. This kind of childishness is uncalled for in Waukesha. If […]

Laurel Walker in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel echoes my thoughts on one of the actions by the Common Council Thursday evening, Jeff Scrima may have gotten his first civics lesson as Waukesha’s mayor-elect Thursday on governing in a weak mayor-strong council system. Scrima appealed to the man he beat, Larry Nelson, to hold up a […]

Darryl Enriquez reports that a proposed pay increase for the Waukesha mayor did pass, but at a lower increase than originally proposed. A gassed Common Council deliberated, argued and yawned late into the evening, trying to decide a salary increase for the mayor. It set the salary at $79,100 annually, which should be achieved by […]

Former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Darryl Enriquez confirmed that he has been talking to people about running for Waukesha mayor.  Enriquez said Friday night that he has been approached by different groups about running for mayor and that he is speaking to different parts of the community to determine what support there would be and […]