Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Block said there were two issues especially where Kramer has had an impact. Kramer has made strides in repealing the state’s minimum markup law, including recent passage by the Assembly of repealing the minimum markup for prescription drugs. The other issue is financial transparency for the state, an issue AFP is going to be making a big push for this year.

Kramer said it was great to win the award. “I was a member of AFP from the beginning. I go to as many of their events as I can. I was an activist before I was a legislator.”

Kramer said his acceptance speech will give credit to the organization and people in the room.

“Holding legislators’ feet to the fire is more critical than they know. I want them to know I am with them and that I take their work seriously.”

Left-wing blogger and activist Renee Crawford took a moment to stop by the Tea Party Protest at the lakefront on Saturday, and her report has caused a bit of a blog stir.  She reports that she saw a man in an altercation with several people, that “Joe the Plumber” was in the crowd of people, […]

Noted conservative pundit and author Michelle Malkin headlines tomorrow’s Tea Party event at the Milwaukee lakefront.  Other speakers include Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, radio personality Vicki McKenna, author Rachel Campos-Duffy, and radio personality Pat Snyder.  “Joe the Plumber” will also be making another Wisconsin appearance.  Rumor has it he now qualifies for residency and […]

“When the roll is called in the senate, they don’t know whether to answer ‘present’ or ‘not guilty.’” The fun part of the day is early with Joe the Plumber. I’m told there were 150 people last night at a reception for him. For a guy who got accidentally thrust into the spotlight, he speaks […]

Beth Fouhy of the Associated press lets us know exactly where she is coming from: Pell Blakeman, a Palin supporter who now calls himself “Pell the Electrician” in honor of the infamous Joe the Plumber, captured her appeal this way: “She just connects with the people. She’s doing a fine job and she’ll make a […]