Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion 7/9/15 Open records change backfires on legislators The end of the state budget process at the Joint Finance Committee is notorious for the insertion of last-minute policy items. Both parties are guilty of the tactic over the years. Both parties are guilty of complaining when the other side does it. […]

Republicans have chance of holding state Senate Nygren story does not inspire confidence  Can we dispense with the obvious? Democrats were already spinning Tuesday’s election results as “building momentum” in the recall elections. It’s a clear example of “say anything and hope it sticks.” Democratic state Sen. Dave Hansen defeated recall organizer David VanderLeest rather […]

As we continue our tour through the proposed redistricting map for the State Assembly, another reason why the failure of Republican State Representative John Nygren to get on the ballot is just an obnoxious headache for the party. Both Nygren and Republican State Representative Karl Van Roy are in the proposed 89th district. Nygren is […]

The failure is complete. State Representative John Nygren will not be running a write-in campaign in the recall election of Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen. Nygren only turned in 424 nomination signatures, practically begging the Democratic Party to challenge the. The minimum needed is 400, but Nygren could have turned in many more to protect […]

Wonderful behavior on the part of the left in this state. Too bad we don’t have Democratic leaders with the character and sense of responsibility to condemn behavior like this: As the bill was passed, a few onlookers in the gallery began shouting their displeasure. The gallery was less than half full, with some familiar […]

In a 5-2 decision this morning, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dealt the state budget a $200 million blow by declaring the raid on the medical malpractice fund unconstitutional. Reaction from the MacIver Institute: The ruling, which Capitol observers say is a stunning rebuke of the Doyle Administration’s budgeting practices, reversed a lower court ruling and […]