Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Update! According to editor Karen Magnuson, she claims the authorship of the op-ed was verified. I am still waiting to hear from the professor and I asked Magnuson how it was verified. @jwigderson @DandC Yes. — kmagnuson (@kmagnuson) November 1, 2015 The headline has been updated. What I wrote Saturday is below: I’m not buying […]

Erik Gunn, writing for, asks but does not answer how involved the staff of news organizations can get in political activity before crossing a line. “Just like their colleagues on the news side of the Journal Sentinel, members of the Editorial Board may not be involved in political activities of any kind,” Haynes tells […]

Republicans and Democrats should just agree to get rid of this policy. As long as the audience members aren’t bothering anybody, why should the politicians care if they’re being recorded? Members of the state Assembly returned to the Capitol for their first floor session since the summer. However, their efforts to take up the calendar […]

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