Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

I am not going to make an endorsement in the county supervisor race between the incumbent Kathleen Cummings and her opponent Mike Payne. I will, however, point out that on this bright sunny day that so far only one candidate has knocked on my door, and that’s Cummings. She and I talked briefly about her […]

Waukesha Freeman Thursday, August 7, 2014 Page A5 Opinion Candidates have just five days Allen, Rosner top contenders Only five more shopping days left in the primary campaign season. Have you picked a candidate? As former Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson observed the other night, in a field this large, normally one or two candidates are […]

Coming into the final week of the campaign in the 97th Assembly district, the Allen campaign and the Rosner campaign are nearly even in cash on hand. Kathleen Cummings’s campaign got a sudden boost, but still is third behind the leaders. Scott Allen raised $8,600 this period, bringing the campaign total to $25,970.98. Of the […]

Waukesha Alderman and County Supervisor Kathleen Cummings is in for $10,000. In the latest campaign finance report, she loaned her campaign $10,000 in the latest reporting period. In addition, she raised $5900 in donations, $2700 on July 7th and then $3200 at her fundraiser on July 17th. She has $3,323.27 in cash on hand. Cummings’ […]

Four candidates in the 97th Assembly district, Vince Trovato, Kathleen Cummings, Joe Banske and Aaron Perry, went to a candidate forum on drinking, smoking and drugs. (Add firearms and they could have had a really good time.) They must have checked their belief in freedom and parental rights at the door. Wisconsin has a loophole […]

“Hagen was the only one in that room who knew the identity of the portraits hanging on the dark paneled walls. They were mostly portraits of fabulous financial figures done in rich oils. One was of Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton. Hagen could not help thinking that Hamilton might have approved of this peace meeting […]

Waukesha Freeman July 24, 2014 Page A5 Opinion Support your local sheriff Severson more likely to continue successes at Sheriff’s Department One of the late James Garner’s funniest roles as an actor was in the movie “Support Your Local Sheriff.” When the Danbys get frustrated trying to break Joe Danby out of a jail with […]

There are at least two more candidate forums coming up in the 97th Assembly District race. From Keith Best of the Waukesha County GOP: The Republican Women of Waukesha County, in alliance with the Republican Party of Waukesha County, announces a Candidate Forum for the 97th Assembly District on Wednesday July 30. The event will […]

The July Continuing Finance Reports for state candidates were due Monday. They cover contributions and expenditures through June 30th. We’re still waiting on campaign finance reports for Vince Trovato. It’s possible he did not file electronically, or the GAB is just bogged down. Regardless, we do have the reports for Scott Allen, Joe Banske, Kathleen […]

The National Rifle Association has now issued Waukesha Alderman Kathleen Cummings an AQ rating. She joins Vince Trovato, Scott Allen and Brandon Rosner as candidates in the 97th Assembly race with AQ ratings. Alderman Aaron Perry has a B- rating and former town supervisor Joe Banske has a C rating. Somebody asked me about Cummings […]