Friday, April 27th, 2018

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This comment was so nice, it was even re-tweeted by Keith Olbermann. Print this entry

Olbermann FIRED. Schadenfreude is just a warm feeling. Time for a song of celebration. Print this entry

Since the whole Keith Olbermann campaign donation issue has blown over, I thought I would explain my policy on making donations to political campaigns. Since I’m married with children, I don’t have any money, so I do not make political donations. Print this entry

Having an opinionated talk show host who singles out someone every night and calls them, “The Worst Person in the World,” that’s okay under the journalist ethics policy. Having the same clown openly cheer for the Democrats on air, that’s okay under the journalist ethics policy. The following is also acceptable under MSNBC’s ehtics for […]

As we all know by now, highly-paid political campaign professionals in charge of a campaign’s communications never make a mistake when linking to a video on the internet. And certainly not two highly-paid, important, campaign professionals, especially when dealing with an important issue. After all, according to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, if two campaign staffers […]

Mike Tate and the Democrats, desperate to come up with something to pin on Scott Walker to try to erase his eight-point lead over Tom Barrett, is going for the race card over the re-tweet on Twitter sent by Walker spokesman Jill Bader yesterday. It’s now official. If you dare show an African-American dancing on […]

Tucker Carlson purchased the rights to  Carlson’s Daily Caller reports: In a tweet posted at 10:46 AM, the aging cable anchor wrote, “Regarding @TheDailyCaller and I hope whoever sold it to them got CASH.” Several minutes later, an apparently still-reeling Olbermann clarified his meaning: “Also regarding @TheDailyCaller and – the law’s pretty […]

Video pulled due to error to site. Actually, it was just one condition: Jim Doyle keeps to his word not to raise taxes. Mark Belling was obviously joking when he made his comments about Mine That Bird. Was Doyle joking when he said he would not consider raising taxes? Or just lying? Print this entry

A battle where you really want both of them to keep it up until they destroy each other: Print this entry