Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Jacqui Seibel confirmed for me earlier this evening blogger and former Brookfield Alderman Cindy Kilkenny alone was named in the defamation lawsuit by Joseph C. Niebler Sr. Kilkenny confirms on her blog that she has been served finally (in her fuzzy blue bathrobe). Cindy is backing off her promise to post […]

Blogger Cindy Kilkenny declined to be interviewed regarding a lawsuit filed by Joseph C. Niebler Sr., President of NFI Properties LLC. (See correspondence at bottom.) However, she took the time to answer my questions on her blog, even if she didn’t mention that I asked them. Apparently I’m a typical conservative filled with schadenfreude and […]

Blogger and former Brookfield Alderman Cindy Kilkenny announced on her site the lawsuit by Joseph C. Niebler Sr., president of NFI Properties LLC, over remarks she made about the Shire development: Lucky me! I’m being sued. May 27, 2009 at 3:10 pm –by Cindy Kilkenny Hello bloggers. Pay attention. The next few weeks will be interesting to […]

Brookfield blogger and ex-alderman Cindy Kilkenny is getting sued by a developer for remarks she made on her blog and on the blog she wrote on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Joseph C. Niebler Sr., as president of NFI Properties LLC, contends that Cynthia Kilkenny continually made untrue and […]

Controversies come, controversies go. And I’m rather skeptical about most of what I read. Here was this morning’s controversy: April 17, 2008 – Yale senior, Aliza Shvarts ,artificially inseminated herself several times in order to have multiple abortions for her “art” project. The April 17th edition of Yale Daily News reports that senior Aliza Shvarts’ […]