Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Despite a general decline in the thoughtfulness and general quality of Jay Bullock’s blog folkbum, he is still one of the leading liberal bloggers in the state. The decline of folkbum can be traced directly to his decision to bring additional bloggers. Last week, one of the other bloggers at Bullock’s blog, “Bert,” really drove […]

Or is he just being malicious? Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway called Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker a “`Howdy Doody’ puppet and a David Duke-style politician.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane says Holloway should back off from the “trash talking.” In the same interview, Holloway denied he was calling Walker a racist. Again, […]

Center square occupant Jay Bullock is looking for additional liberal writers for his blog, “folkbum’s rambles and rants.” No reasoning skills or minimum intelligence required. Severe cognitive disconnect a plus. Print this entry

Eugene Kane lets anybody unhappy with Obama’s election as president know exactly where they stand, It turns out the national director of the Klan recently posted comments on a KKK website that predicted Barack Obama’s victory could actually be a boon in terms of mobilizing more white Americans to their cause. In fact, the Klan […]

State Senator Bob Jauch is an argument for term limits, and proves it again when he compares Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to the KKK. To steal a line from Jim Rowen, people who carelessly throw around KKK labels or images are contemptable idiots. I’m sure Rowen would agree with me in describing Jauch’s behavior as […]