Saturday, November 18th, 2017

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Laurel Walker is retiring. Agree or disagree (as I often did) with her columns, there is now one less set of eyes on Waukesha County, and that is not a good thing. She has always been cordial towards me and I wish her nothing but the best in her retirement. She […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus will be facing Kathleen Karalewitz in the Republican Primary. Kathleen Karalewitz, who unsuccessfully ran against Nickolaus for Waukesha County clerk in the 2002 Republican primary, announced Wednesday that she will try to unseat Nickolaus in the fall 2012 election. Nickolaus, the focus of […]

Laurel Walker in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a column about the unusual number of teacher retirees retiring and laments the loss of teaching quality. Among the school districts she mentions as having an unusual amount of retirements is the Waukesha School District. The Waukesha School District, in the community where I live, has more […]

Are there any serious defenders left of Waukesha’s mayor? Seriously? Did you read of the latest exploits by the mayor in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? Early in the meeting, Scrima was asked directly by Ald. Kathleen Cummings if he intended to present amendments. “No. I’m setting the vision. I’m setting the goal,” he said in […]

Since Laurel Walker’s article appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a number of Mayor Scrima supporters (or one under different names) has taken to denying that the mayor could have possibly suggested painting over a the wall sculpture at city hall. I had an e-mail conversation with the mayor the other day about that very […]

Reading through Laurel Walker’s article on the memo that was sent by Mayor Jeff Scrima to City Administrator Lori Luther, let me offer a few words. Setting aside for the moment that a previous article in the Waukesha Freeman showed e-mail evidence the Luther did try to help Scrima in the transition. Setting aside for […]

When we say we have a weak mayor in Waukesha, we aren’t messing around. Tonight, Mayor Jeff Scrima discovered the hard way just how weak he is. The City Administrator is answerable to the Common Council, not the mayor. (I argued strongly against this and lost the argument.) The one hold the mayor had over […]

Some people for mayor, others just run for mayor. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Laurel Walker revealed today that four years ago Jeff Scrima couldn’t even be bothered to vote in the Waukesha mayoral election. “I wish more people would turn out for all elections,” said Jeff Scrima, who’s challenging incumbent Larry Nelson in a hotly […]

Laurel Walker in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that the battle over building a baseball stadium at Frame Park may have been lost long ago, and it’s WEAL’s fault. Back when the Fox River Development Board was trying to raise money and improve Frame Park and the Fox River parkway step by step, it started […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial knitting team has come out in favor of the proposed stadium at Frame Park. First, they get their facts wrong:The proposed stadium is 1700 seats, not 1100 as the editorial indicates, with an expansion to 3500 seats if the team is successful. The $310,000 is not just for the lights, […]