Saturday, October 21st, 2017

No, I couldn’t improve on the MacIver Institute headline. They covered the $15 minimum wage protest today as it marched to Little Caesars. Bill Osmulski asked the one employee that joined the protest if she crossed the Rubicon with her employer. j Print this entry

1) State Senator Mary Lazich explained why constituent e-mail (i.e. public records) may have ended up discarded as spam. Since I like Yahoo e-mail, like many people, and it avoids the necessity of changing my e-mail address every time I change internet providers, I’m not sure what the solution is everytime an idea for inquiry […]

Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson (D) is expected to announce today he is not running for re-election. Nelson tells the Wigderson Library & Pub he is taking a job as a regional mascot for the Little Caesars pizza chain. “I always wanted a job where I could meet so many people and never wear a tie. […]