Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Every year I make predictions, and every year we check them. Unlike other pundits, I actually hold myself accountable. It’s the masochist in me. This year promises to be an interesting year for Wisconsinites. Wisconsin’s new health care laws will slowly go into effect after the Obamacare delay. Spring and fall elections will promise surprises […]

Some threats are easier to live with than others. (Warning, Madison leftists love foul language. It makes them feel what they’re saying is important.) Somehow I don’t think Republican legislators are missing anything. By the way, what a nice way for our lefty protesters in Madison to talk about our veterans on Veterans Day. Such […]

Over at the MacIver Institute, I examined Madison school board member Mary Burke’s lone dissenting vote on the school district budget. I found her explanation of her vote especially lacking since it was a reversal of her position from the previous year: Burke gave few explanations for voting no on the tax levy and the […]

If I can teach you anything at this website, do not attempt to walk away from the Capitol police after they tell you you’re under arrest. It’s called, “resisting arrest.” Yeah, the cops aren’t carrying carryout pizza menus in their back pockets anymore. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that while Christopher J. Terrell was being […]

While our left-wing friends are complaining about song lyrics and jackboot Capitol police tactics, the Solidarity Singers continue to believe they are not only above the law, they are the law. Over at RightWisconsin this week, I explain just who are the real fascists in the Capitol. Print this entry

Blogger brother Dave Blaska is organizing his own sing-along on Monday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in the Capitol rotunda, and he has a permit. Sing patriotic songs like America the Beautiful and fun songs like Gilligan’s Island and Flintstones. Show Wisconsin what respect for free speech looks — and sounds — like. Because […]

I bet the neighbors were thrilled on Thursday. I wonder how many of them went out and bought a Palermos Pizza for dinner. Print this entry

Christian? Married? Thinking romantic getaway? I’m not sure I would trust this website’s judgment. It’s like a travel brochure inviting the early Christians to Rome to see the lions. Print this entry

If we’re talking about Madison, the dense fog is perpetual. No advisory needed. Print this entry

Madison protestor Jeremy Ryan, aka Segway boy, is not dead yet, despite reports of his impending demise. However, Capitol police are unhappy to discover he has a police officer’s jacket. A well-known Capitol protester was charged Wednesday with receiving stolen property for allegedly keeping a State Capitol police officer’s jacket, which he said he wore […]