Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

I went down to city hall today in Waukesha to vote early. I’m not going to tell you for whom I voted. At 9:00 AM there was some brisk business of senior citizen voting. However, the line (such as it was) moved quickly. There were no vans full of people. There were also no election […]

Wisconsin Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch received the endorsement of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters, despite her opponent, Mahlon Mitchell, serving as President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin. From the press release: Dave Seager, president of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association expressed support for Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch saying, “Today, we Milwaukee firefighters are proud to […]

So what do Mahlon Mitchell and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have in common? By coincidence, it’s also what they have that’s not in common. Both Mitchell and Barrett actually said things about Act 10 collective bargaining reforms that were not union-approved. Mitchell praised Act 10 for exempting police and firefighters, while Barrett said it didn’t […]