Friday, November 17th, 2017

I realize that DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb’s job was made tougher by the grabbing from the transportation fund by former Governor Jim Doyle, but Gottlieb needs to get his priorities straight. Whether he likes it or not, the Zoo Interchange needs to be replaced, and his boss, Governor Scott Walker, promised to make the Zoo […]

Assembly Republicans picked their leadership team: Assembly Republicans today elected Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald of Horicon as minority leader and Rep. Mark Gottlieb of Port Washington as assistant minority leader. “Our focus is going to be getting back in the majority,” Fitzgerald told his colleagues. Fitzgerald defeated Rep. Scott Newcomer of Hartland; Gottlieb beat Rep. Leah […]

Looks like it’s the moderate Mark Gottlieb challenging Leah Vukmir for assistant minority leader in the state assembly. Gottlieb barely survived re-election this year.* Clearly Vukmir is the better choice as someone more capable of articulating the conservative vision for the party. * see comments Print this entry