Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Just stumbled across this (pun intended) and thought I’d pass it along: “Wigderson Library & Pub (where reading while intoxicated is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you maintain control of your book/reading device)…” – Steve Presetegard By the way, Prestegard has an answer for State Senator Mark Miller’s fondest desire.   Print […]

The Democrats and Milwaukee Tom Barrett need Wisconsin to be in bad shape in order to win, so any good news that comes will be labeled suspect. They’ll do their best to cast doubt in the voters’ minds even though they know the numbers are likely to be true. Take for instance the recent news […]

Some liberals are trying to distract from the online death threat directed towards Governor Scott Walker by pointing to a Twitter post by Kevin Binversie that was supposedly threatening to recall petition gatherers. As Binversie carefully explains, the context was a case of continuing a thought by State Senators Chris Larson and Mark Miller to […]

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The Democratic State Senators that fled Wisconsin rather than actually participate in the democratic process of the state legislature have been able to make statement after statement from “undisclosed locations” in Illinois without too much difficulty. My question for the media is why is it acceptable for you to conduct these interviews without saying where […]

Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller says the Democrats will be in touch sometime this weekend. They haven’t talked yet, but Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller said Democrats will be in contact with majority Republicans and the governor’s office over the weekend. Their message? “In Wisconsin we resolve problems through negotiation. We’ve had a long history […]

The state forecast of the budget now appears to have been $700 million off of what actually occurred. From the MacIver News Service, In their final quarterly projections before leaving office, the Doyle Administration now predicts the state will begin the new year with nearly $700 million less than they forecast just three months ago. […]

The Democrats tabbed Dane County liberal Mark Miller to lead them in the State Senate. Miller was behind the law that requires recycling of electronics and puts that responsibility on manufacturers, as if Wisconsin can’t punish manufacturing enough in this state. Miller was also a backer of Wisconsin’s climate change bill that Democrats attempted to […]

So does this mean Secretary of State Doug La Follette is the de facto leader of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin? Let’s see: Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker – gone. Senator Judy Robson – retired. Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan – defeated but still available, ladies. State Representative Tom Nelson – gone. One can almost picture […]

Waukesha voters have five choices in tomorrow’s primary election for mayor. The incumbent, Larry Nelson, I dealt with at length in my newspaper column. Since the column appeared, Nelson has taken the unique approach of appealing to the Waukesha electorate by mentioning praise from Democratic State Senator Mark Miller, who represents the Madison suburbs, for […]