Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

From Roughing It: It was not without regret that I took a last look at the tiny flag (it was thirty-five feet long and ten feet wide) fluttering like a lady’s handkerchief from the topmost peak of Mount Davidson, two thousand feet above Virginia’s roofs, and felt that doubtless I was bidding a permanent farewell […]

Late one summer afternoon we had a rain shower. That was astonishing enough, in itself, to set the whole town buzzing, for it only rains (during a week or two weeks) in the winter in Nevada, and even then not enough at a time to make it worth while for any merchant to keep umbrellas […]

We’re still blessed (if he’ll pardon the phrase) to have Christopher Hitchens with us to offer withering scorn for those that would tamper with Huckleberry Finn. Unfortunately, in the words of St. Augustine (yes, I’m full of irony), “But not yet.” Instead we’re treated to a lecture on making tea. It is already virtually impossible […]