Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

No, I never did believe former State Treasurer Kurt Schuller was serious about getting rid of the office, so it didn’t surprise me four years later when he endorsed a candidate who wanted to keep the state treasurer’s position. If Schuller had been serious about getting rid of the Treasurer position, he would have done […]

I’m behind on just about everything, but I thought I would offer some post-election thoughts. First, the results of the WiggyPoll asking which scandal was the worst of the Susan Happ scandals. In case you’re wondering, not only did Susan Happ lose the statewide race for Attorney General to Brad Schimel 51.6% to 45.4%, she […]

Waukesha Freeman 7/31/14 Page A5 Opinion End in sight for treasurer office Adamczyk will continue push to end vestigial position   I had to laugh when I saw the announcement by Matt Adamczyk, a Republican candidate for state treasurer, that he received the top grade from the National Rifle Association. Does this mean Adamczyk buys […]

Waukesha Freeman May 22, 2014 Page A5 Opinion Time to close books on state treasurer GOP ought to lead push for streamlining government The Republican primary for state treasurer just took an interesting twist. The incumbent, Kurt Schuller, is not running for re-election. He was elected on a promise to get rid of the state […]

Okay, I’m trying to get a handle on this. Scott Feldt, who currently works in the state treasurer’s office and was running for state treasurer, is dropping out of the race.  Feldt works for the current state treasurer, Kurt Schuller, who ran on a promise to get rid of the state treasurer’s office. Schuller’s failure […]

Matt Adamczyk is running for state treasurer with the promise of helping the legislature get rid of the office. (I wrote about getting rid of the state office for the MacIver Institute last year.) Adamczyk says the state treasurer’s office bought 500 coasters (pictured below) for $1,442. Not a lot of money, but geez guys. […]