Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Thomas Friedman is known for his Chinese-dictatorship-for-a-day fantasies. Matthew Yglesias sees the fantasy as a little closer to reality, embodied in the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. He sees Clinton’s willingness to bend and break laws to suit her purposes as a qualification for becoming president. Ian Tuttle at National Review Online comments: If conservatives get […]

I was speechless… Turns out Jews actually have a pretty bad record as Fed chairmen. Stick with Protestants: — Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) August 16, 2013 But then I saw he was writing in response to someone else claiming protestants do not make good Fed Chairmen. I saw Godfather Part III so I’m not sure […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Sep 27, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A     Seattle stew Packers game reminds us life isn’t fair (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.)      The final play of the Packers-Seahawks Monday Night Football game was one of those rare moments […]

Someone might actually discover when the political left is planning on spinning a fairy tale for one of their pet causes, like high-speed rail. “Fighting dishonesty with dishonesty is sometimes the right thing for advocates to do, yes,” said Yglesias. The exchange, with Washington Examiner writer Mark Hemingway, came on the heels of a debate […]