Friday, October 20th, 2017

Isn’t it funny that this photo… …and this photo… …somehow did not make it into the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s collection of photos from the event? Given the violence of Anarchist demonstrators, doesn’t the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have an obligation to its readers to show the true nature of the May Day marchers in Milwaukee? John […]

The May Day Rally in Seattle turned violent. We’ll blame it on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, right? In Seattle, protesters threw rocks and bottles at police officers and news crews. As they moved through downtown Seattle to another neighborhood, they flung construction street barriers, trash cans and newspaper bins on the streets in […]

On Sunday I was with Voces de la Frontera as they celebrated May Day with a bunch of socialists, some politicians, a Latin hip hop group, and even a giant puppet. There was even a group called the Milwaukee Molotov Marchers, a militant leftwing group that plays music at political events. The expected Von Ribbentrop […]