Monday, October 16th, 2017

Hey, great minds think alike. Or else Patrick McIlheran and I can both read a calendar. McIlheran comments on the Gableman ethics case and says it’s really just an effort to undo Gableman’s election two years ago. Fine, an appeals judge, argues – I think convincingly – that the complaint against Gableman should be dismissed. […]

Jim Rowen objects to the word “extortion” used by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran to describe any attempt to get the kind of concessions Rowen would like to see in a water deal between Milwaukee and Waukesha. “We’re going to keep coming to you every month to check up on ya. We’re going to […]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran, writing in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, looks at how Milwaukee’s difficult reputation came about, and what should happen when it comes time for Milwaukee and Waukesha to negotiate. Here’s the background from the column: Waukesha’s problem is that its well water is tainted with radium, put there by God […]

Patrick McIlheran got a phone call from an owner of another “troubled” location, a pub and grill with a history of problems, to discuss Muhammed Nasir Khan’s hot dog stand that is being blocked by Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman.  Art Sobelman believes, “Businessmen can be politicians,” he said, “but politicians can’t be businessmen.” What frosted […]

Patrick McIlheran comments on the pregnant refugees fleeing to America to escape state-run health care. Canada’s answer? More central planning. Print this entry

I have to agree with Charlie Sykes on this. Pat McIlheran’s explanation of the difference between Senator McCain receiving an endorsement from Hagee and Senator Obama having the Rev. Wright as his spiritual mentor is definitely a “must” read. So you have to conclude that Obama was pretty much jake with the whole U.S. of […]