Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Over at UrbanMilwaukee, Michael Horne wants to know if Sheriff David Clarke’s ads with iNet are illegal or merely obnoxious. Plenty of Horne asked the Government Accountability Board Monday to weigh in on the matter, but a response has not yet been received at the time of this writing. However, under the state ethics code, […]

Michael Horne at UrbanMilwaukee wrote about the mansion on Shepard that was being advertised as a vacation rental property. It’s a pretty good look at the home’s history and some of the issues. Although the issue has received little sympathy from newspaper commenters, there are large topics involved here, including the power of municipalities to […]

If Michael Horne could have just one thing changed at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it would be the snowflakes. Here I am again — perhaps for the last time this season — on a quest begun in 2011 to respectfully ask that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Snowflake graphics be SIX-SIDED snowflakes. Why am I on […]

Our friend George (aka Too Kool) reports a tiff between two business owners resulted in the bar owner, Jeff Barta, turning in Almont Gallery owner Lynn Gaffey for serving wine at her business during Saturday’s Art Crawl. However, George is incorrect on one point. It is not uncommon to see gallery having wine and snack […]

Every election cycle there’s talk of a crossover vote due to Wisconsin’s open primaries. And after every election there is little evidence of actual cross-over voting for the purposes of mischief. There was some talk on Charlie Sykes’ program of voting for Scott Walker in the Democratic primary for governor, although Sykes was non-committal to […]

A little furor today over my latest perspective piece at the MacIver Institute on the proposed bike path plan for Milwaukee, Milwaukee by Bike. An excerpt: Milwaukeeans may soon have a plan to allow them to bicycle just about everywhere on even the most crime-ridden streets. Mayor Barrett’s city may have cut back on the […]

Michael Horne, one of the more interesting writers on the left side of politics, has a new blogging home. He offers an opinion where the “high-speed” rail’s maintenance facility should be, if it’s ever built. Madison! The city that can’t find the screwdriver, and wouldn’t know which end to use. The train shops should be […]

And they know just the place. Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Mel Flanagan issued a Continued Temporary Restraining Order late today, Thursday, January 28th, 2010, ordering the City of Milwaukee to treat the Ladybug Club as if it were a licensed Class “B” Alcohol Beverage retailer. The move came after the City informed the Ladybug Club’s wholesalers […]

Left-wing blogger and activist Renee Crawford took a moment to stop by the Tea Party Protest at the lakefront on Saturday, and her report has caused a bit of a blog stir.  She reports that she saw a man in an altercation with several people, that “Joe the Plumber” was in the crowd of people, […]

I’m used to media bias but this report by Brendan Conway is one of the dumbest and most blatant hatchet jobs I have ever seen. The report is about the Walker for Governor campaign using an Ohio company to build their campaign website, a story first reported by Michael Horne who goes uncredited in the […]