Saturday, August 24th, 2019

You might have seen this report of election problems in Bayside: “I realized I was given the wrong ballot,” Sandi Deshur told CBS 58 News. “I went back to the poll worker, she told me go ahead and vote which made me very uncomfortable.” Deshur says she was insistent and then received the correct ballot. […]

Let’s put it this way. Democrats can try to put a brave face on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision, but it’s not good for Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and the John Doe sequel. Election law attorney Mike Maistelman told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “The winners here are the Doe defendants,” said […]

Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl is under investigation for allegedly using the power of his office to push a landlord into evicting a couple of sex offenders. The warrant indicates investigators were seeking evidence of misconduct in public office, and threats to injure or accuse of a crime. According to the search warrant affidavit, Bohl told […]

The left has found alleged vote fraud (that never occurs): Wisconsin Government Accountability Board records show Samantha Vos voted in the state’s April 3 election. Vos is the wife of Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), the co-chair of the state’s powerful joint finance committee. But records from Canyon County, Idaho show Samantha Vos swore under oath […]

Depending on the closeness of Tuesday night’s results, the Republican Senate Primary could come down to the “Maistelman factor.” Whose election attorneys will be the sharpest at counting votes in a recount? Hey, I’m willing to sell Mike Maistelman’s phone number to whichever campaign promises me the most Snickers bars. Maistelman might as well come […]

Bruce Murphy speculates on the source of the leak in the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker’s staff activities when he was County Executive: It’s certainly possible that Maistelman was not the original source of the leak, but simply heard this rumor from others, and then passed it on to Sykes. So this would make […]

The city of Muskego has retained the services of Maistelman and Associates to assist with legal questions surrounding the recalls of the mayor and two aldermen. Given the turmoil in that town, they should just set up an office for Mike Maistelman and his new associate Dennis Krueger. (Waukesha County residents may remember Krueger from […]

In this morning’s Waukesha Freeman (just a buck on Saturday), Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima said people should question my motives for referring to Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel the open records issue with Waukesha Business Improvement District (BID) President Norm Bruce. Scrima said, “Since Mr. Bruce turned over the records free of charge, people should question the motives […]

Business Improvement District President Norm Bruce, owner of Martha Merrill’s Bookstore, provided a paper copy of the emails that I requested instead of the electronic versions. However, he did not charge me like he intended, a charge I refused to pay. The issue came to a head today when I gave him a 9:00 AM […]

This cracked me up. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting, Milwaukee Ald. Willie Wade will be unopposed on the April 3 ballot, following a ruling Friday by the state Government Accountability Board. The GAB staff upheld the city Election Commission’s decision to disqualify Jason Hargis, one of three would-be Wade opponents in the 7th Aldermanic […]