Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Lefty crank Ed Garveyis making fun of the political return of former Governor Tommy Thompson. Pretty funny when you consider something that was left out of Garvey’s blog post: Tommy Thompson Scott McCallum Republican 1,047,716 59.66% Ed Garvey Barbara Lawton Democratic 679,553 38.70% I forgot Barbara Lawton ran with Garvey. I wonder what ever happened […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel awarded their first “pants on fire” judgement of the campaign season to the Russ Feingold campaign for making the claim he has been the financial underdog in every campaign, and now Democrats are having a snit. To defend the Feingold myth, Democrats are engaging in some rather fuzzy math. They’re combining […]

The Wisconsin Club for Growth tells us Thursday is when the Government Accountability Board will hear from a number of experts on attempts to limit free speech under the guise of Campaign Finance Reform. GAB Fest Thursday the six retired judges who make up the Government Accountability Board will hear testimony from nationally recognized legal […]