Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Evil, evil corporate money polluting politics masquerading as an educational campaign. It even uses that silly dodge of saying, “Call your county supervisor.” How dare a corporation engage in free speech. And after they communicated with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele? Credit to Collin Roth at RightWisconsin for exposing this blatant abuse of the First […]

Waukesha Freeman 10/23/14 Page A6 Opinion Democrats have amazing timing Coincidences hard to believe It’s just an amazing coincidence that Milwaukee County decided to release more emails from the first John Doe investigation on Tuesday. It’s just amazing that the timing coincided with new ads launched by Mary Burke’s campaign attacking Gov. Scott Walker over […]

Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen’s proposal to create “a living wage” requirement for contractors and subcontractors that do business with the county is bad for workers, bad for employers, and bad for taxpayers. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why. Here is an excerpt: Bowen’s proposal for county contractors and subcontractors promises to “end […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Daykin wrote about yet another move by the Milwaukee County Board that could potentially stifle development. A developer actually met all of the county board’s criteria for a development in the Park East corridor. They’re actually going above and beyond by promising to devote 40% of the construction jobs to […]

I’m sorry I missed this until now: My supervisor, @jasonhaas, has coddled @mcsosheriff for too long. I am considering a run against him: Restore Justice: Vote Zielinski. — Graeme Zielinski (@gjzielinski) June 1, 2013 (I corrected Zielinski’s link to the correct Twitter account.) Who wouldn’t want to see Graeme Zielinski run for public office? I […]

I kept checking the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website Tuesday and never saw a report on the rally at Serb Hall to support reforming the Milwaukee County Board. According to Patti Breitigam-Wenzel in Right Wisconsin there were around 300 people in attendance, but somehow Steve Schulze and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel missed the story. I e-mailed […]