Monday, November 20th, 2017

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced today, April 1st, 2013, that SeaWorld Adventure Parks will purchase the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Milwaukee County Fish Hatchery to build SeaWorld Wauwatosa. “This is an exciting project for the Milwaukee area with lots of economic development potential.For example, we have already lined up Ma Baensch Herring to […]

Spent the day at the Milwaukee County Zoo with my family. I love the zoo, even if a soft-serve ice cream cone is $2. Next time I go I’ll remember to stick a Milwaukee County resident in the driver’s seat for admission. We rode the train at the zoo. The train, of course, is a perfect […]

You would think that with all of those union park workers at last night’s Milwaukee County budget hearing, you would think one of them would know where the Washington Park senior center kept the fans. It had to be ninety degrees in there last night. Don’t tell me Scott Walker sold them all on E-bay. […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Zero the Polar Bear was tranquilized in the moat of his habitat and removed against his will. Employees of the Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker fired several darts at the cornered bear and then forcibly removed him from the moat with a crane. Walker’s “gang of ten” then wrapped […]

Zero the Polar Bear is apparently smarter than your average bear and is refusing to climb into the trap. Have they tried Halloween candy? Print this entry

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Zero the polar bear is refusing to climb into the crate full of herring and apples to be lifted back to his habitat. Must not be Ma Baensch herring. Print this entry

Apparently singing the Obama song and other enticements wasn’t enough for Zero. The Milwaukee County Zoo’s polar bear fell into the moat in front of his habitat 14 days ago and has not shown much interest in leaving. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a crane-lowered trap will be used to capture the bear […]

“Excuse me. Could you speak to Zoo catering? My roast peacock was a little underdone.” Print this entry

Good news for Zero the Polar Bear. No, he’s not out of the moat. But he was registered to vote by ACORN. I understand he’s already voted absentee. Print this entry

Zero the Polar Bear fell into the moat again at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I’m sure it’s all Scott Walker’s fault. Zookeepers assure us he can climb the steps back to his habitat, and he will when he is hungry. Zero’s regular diet includes fish, fruits and vegetables and lard balls. Hmmm, lard balls. No […]