Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

A snapshot of Twitter: I’m sure though the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will be different, though. Print this entry

After the moderators of the Republican presidential debate on CNBC were near-universally panned, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus suspended NBC’s involvement in future debates. This was the snarky, immature response of David Haynes, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial editor: Good thing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has abandoned any pretense of standards of journalism. Otherwise they might […]

In case you missed it because you stopped subscribing to the newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is joining the McPaper family. The Wall Street Journal reported, USA Today owner Gannett Co. has agreed to buy Journal Media Group, owner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other newspapers, in a sign a long-awaited round of consolidation […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is ignoring the email. The Wisconsin State Journal is burying the email at the bottom of their story. But Wisconsin Watchdog has posted the entire document containing the email online, and it provides more evidence of the partisan nature of the John Doe investigation. Here is the entire email: “We said […]

The good folks at Wisconsin Reporter caught the rantings of a rabid Graeme Zielinski about the Dontre Hamilton case. This one caught my eye: I can’t speak for the single fat white Republicans in Waukesha, but as a married fat white Republican in Waukesha I’m guessing that I’ve done more and cared more for African […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel announced Editor Martin Kaiser is stepping down and Managing Editor George Stanley will be taking his place. As a regular reader and former subscriber, I’m looking forward to Stanley taking on his new position. I’m sure the relationship between the readers and the newspaper will never be stronger now that Stanley […]

Comes from Stuart Taylor, “I can’t comment on my source but if some journalist is sliming the credibility of a person he thinks is my source because the man is on disability, that is stunningly dishonest and disgusting,” said Taylor. “If I were the employer of such a journalist, I would fire him.”   I’ll […]

Can someone explain to me why the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which makes money from ads for strip clubs like On the Border and Silk, is so interested in curtailing the First Amendment rights of conservatives? You would think that an organization that actually profits from the protections of the First Amendment would actually be more […]

If the Democratic candidate for state Attorney General Susan Happ was a serial killer: Two newspapers would mention it on page 3. Dan Bice would blog about it online and get a quote from a Democrat accusing Brad Schimel of kicking puppies. One newspaper might mention it in an editorial but only after six paragraphs […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a real estate developer and former candidate for alderman in Milwaukee named Dagoberto Ibarra used a racial slur to describe the president. Here is how they report it: A Milwaukee businessman uttered a racial slur to describe President Barack Obama during a news conference Wednesday in Waukesha City Hall […]