Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

In an email to me this morning, State Rep Dave Craig, who announced rather quickly he is running for state senate to replace Mary Lazich, made his first promise of the campaign: “I pledge to work beside Senator Vukmir to repeal the minimum markup law in the Senate. It is hard enough providing for six […]

I was on Modern Comments Radio with Amy Curtis this evening discussing the state’s minimum markup law. It was a fun discussion of the state price police and how the legislature won’t hold a public hearing. Print this entry

Last week members of the state legislature got to hear all about the proposed repeal of the minimum markup law. Unfortunately, as I reported for the MacIver Institute, the presentation was a trifle one-sided as it was behind the closed doors of the “special legislative reception” hosted by the Wisconsin Grocers Association. The Petroleum Marketers […]

The MacIver Institute warns that this holiday season, you could be a willing victim of a crime: Deeply Discounted Turkeys Are Illegal in Wisconsin Don’t Be A Victim – Make Sure You Pay More Than The Sale Price For Your Thanksgiving Dinner [Madison, Wisc…] – As a public service, The John K. MacIver Institute for […]

End antiquated minimum markup law Special interests trying to keep state consumers paying more When you’re charged with defending the indefensible, the best strategy is to have someone else make the issue go away. That was the strategy of the special interests opposed to the repeal of the minimum markup law, also known as the […]

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Does it frustrate you to know that your friends in other states may be getting deals you can’t? Unfortunately, the law does not just affect the price of cheap computers. Shoppers online who see special deals on all sorts of potential Christmas presents might see the indicator that the price […]

The leader of the Waukesha Democratic Party, Jeff Christensen, and the Democratic candidate for the 97th Assembly District Dawn “Crazy Nurse” Caruss issued a press release this week criticizing State Representative Bill Kramer for not having his name on a single bill that has passed the legislature during his time in office. Despite the Republicans […]

The repeal of the minimum mark-up for drugs passed Wisconsin’s State Assembly today.  AB 482 now moves to the Senate.  State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha), who has been very active in trying to repeal the state’s minimum mark-up laws, issued the following statement: Longtime Advocate of Unfair Sales Act Repeal Hails Passage of Repeal on […]

Dan Cassuto of WKOW in Madison interviewed me yesterday for a segment on the state’s minimum mark-up law. They asked me to appear because of this piece I wrote for the MacIver Institute. I look better in the editing, trust me. But what does Brandon Scholz have against the Wild, Wild West?Scholz needs to get […]

Charlie Sykes smuggled a book, Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue, into Wisconsin in defiance of the law.  He aired his confession earlier today (audio, skip to 11:24 AM).  Keep listening after his book smuggling story and Charlie takes a minute to discuss this article that I wrote for the MacIver Institute.  He discusses the article shortly after he blows […]