Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Roberts’ decision may be remembered along with the Dred Scott decision as a moment when the Supreme Court’s actions spurred a nascent political movement to transform the country. From the abolitionists and the birth of the Republican Party to the Tea Party and the rebirth of the Republican Party, the cry is for “Liberty!” and it must start this November.

Here’s a gaffe that can’t be blamed on the campaign manager. I’ve mentioned my dislike for less-than-clever nicknames used to describe public figures before. In last night’s debate, Herman Cain demonstrated why political figures should always avoid calling political opponents silly nicknames. The legislation has already been written. H.R. 3000. In the previous Congress it […]

I don’t think I have ever been in agreement with Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) before, but he was absolutely correct in trying to end the farce of Stephen Colbert testifying before a Congressional Subcommittee on immigration before it began. At the beginning of the hearing, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the Judiciary Committee, tried […]

As my late grandmother would say, if Mark Neumann keeps lying like that lightning is going to strike him. Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker charged in a new direct mail piece that, as a member of Congress, his opponent, Mark Neumann voted for a transporatation bill that included $9 billion in pork-barrel spending. At a […]

Congressman Steve Kagen (D) told WLUK-TV he might not vote for the Senate health care bill when it comes to the House of Representatives, the first step in the reconciliation process. “I have made the case to the speaker and also to the White House that we should take small pieces, small bites,” Kagen said. […]

Time once again to look back at the predictions of last January.  Robert Heinlein’s character Lazarus Long said that Cassandra did not get nearly the kicking she deserved.  Well, I hope I deserve better. My predictions, 29 for 2009, are below, and the results are in italics. 1. Beer and alcohol prices will increase substantially […]

Okay, Bishop Jerome E. Listecki is a Bears fan and a White Sox fan. That’s trouble. But it appears we have been blessed with a new bishop in Milwaukee who comes from the more the more conservative wing of the Church, and is not afraid to wade into political controversies. For example, Listecki was opposed […]

Aside from being unable to tell a humorous story (she trampled her punchline), Pelosi has no concept of what remarks are appropriate at a tribute. She had to drag “stem cell research”* into her remarks, no matter how completely inappropriate the occasion. What a no-class act. The mind of a low-rent totalitarian at work. * […]

Well, at least in a Democratic-owned showroom: Print this entry

It was a packed house at today’s town hall meeting with Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and State Representative Bill Kramer. There were 90 people there (not including staff), three times the normal amount according to Congressman Sensenbrenner. Among the notables: former Waukesha mayoral candidate Jim Young, blogger M.E. from Stand in the Trenches, Alexander from A […]