Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

As any good Wisconsinite with a Scandinavian heritage knows, Leif Ericson landed in the New World long before Christopher Columbus. We now know that the Vikings had settlements in present-day Greenland and Newfoundland. However, the settlements did not last, and the discovery of new lands passed into legend. Ericson died 500 years before Christopher Columbus […]

So much for predictions that it’s going to miss us: Friday morning, NASA cautioned there is now a slim chance any surviving debris will land in the United States. Earlier this week, NASA said North America would be in the clear and that the satellite would strike somewhere Friday afternoon. “It is still too early […]

In the right hand side bar I have posted the NASA feeds of the latest updates concerning the UARS satellite’s fall from orbit. If you were too busy digging your bomb shelter to hear the latest, the satellite is going to miss North America – probably. Update #8 Thu, 22 Sep 2011 06:44:51 AM CDT […]

Dr. Ivan Varminof of NASA’s Earth Atmospheric Science Institute announced today that satellite data shows the Earth’s atmosphere has entered a new phase, and global warming is at an end. Varminof said recent data since the “Earth Hour” observances on March 29th has actually indicates a trend towards renewed global cooling. “The data indicates a […]

Most fans of global warming love James Hansen, the NASA scientist pushing the idea that global warming is man-made. But has anyone asked Hansen’s boss what he thinks? The retired scientist formerly in charge of key NASA climate programs has come out as a sceptic. Dr John Theon, who supervised James Hansen – the activist-scientist […]