Saturday, August 24th, 2019

The Cap Times’ associate editor and frequent Bernie Sanders apologist John Nichols took on an unusual role in his most recent column: defending conservatism, William F Buckley and National Review against Donald Trump. This is not the result of some Damascene conversion on Nichols’ part. It is more along the lines of Dr. Peter Venkman‘s […]

Shhh. It’s a secret investigation. @EdMorrissey you sure it's not a Wisconsin prosecutors drone? — Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 24, 2015 Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 4/23/15 Page A5 Opinion John Doe probes for political gain Time to end using police power for politics   It’s Kafkaesque. David French, writing in National Review, tells the unfortunate story of those investigated in Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s John Doe probes into the activities of conservatives inside Gov. Scott Walker’s […]

It’s not right when campus leftists shut down speeches, and it’s not right when “our side” does it. Incensed that the talk was being held in Spanish (English speakers were offered headphones), anti-amnesty activists in the crowd refused to allow Gutiérrez to speak. “U-S-A, U-S-A!” they chanted, while Bass’s staff vainly tried to restore order. […]

So the paranoia primary begins. Jim Geraghty at National Review Online wrote an unflattering article about Dr. Ben Carson’s unsavory endorsement of a suspect supplement company.  It got the expected reaction, which is, “How dare you criticize Saint Carson?” Jonathan Bernstein at Bloomberg View puts the Geraghty article onto the Grassy Knoll by saying some […]

The purpose of this fight is not to hash out economic questions related to low-income people. The purpose of the fight is the fight: There is no minimum wage high enough to keep the Democrats from introducing an increase next year, because the point of bills hiking the minimum wage is to force Republicans to […]

Congressman Paul Ryan spoke at the National Review Institute meeting in Washington D.C. These is the speech he gave. The Principle of Prudence and the Conservative Renewal By Paul Ryan National Review Institute (Remarks as Prepared for Delivery) Thanks, Rich. I’m happy to see so many friends in the audience. And I’m honored to speak […]

Lincoln said the world would little note nor long remember what he had to say. Obama’s speechwriters seemed to view that line as their mandate. – Ramesh Ponnuru Print this entry

“Egyptian prosecutors are investigating a popular television comedian for insulting the president. That could never happen here. When do popular television comedians insult the president?” – National Review, “The Week” Print this entry

Rich Lowry of National Review reacted swiftly to fire John Derbyshire on Saturday after an op-ed appeared on another website on Thursday that was racist. National Review has not only been a critic of liberalism but has moved against the cranks on the right. Unfortunately, sometimes the cranks on the right get under National Review’s […]