Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Governor Chris Christie continues to show real results in New Jersey. You can almost hear all the liberals in New Jersey screaming after the announcement by Christie concerning the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). The Roxbury Register reported on Christie’s appearance in Roxbury to talk about the effort to get rid of COAH: “I said […]

Governor Christie of New Jersey explains the facts of life to an angry teacher. Print this entry

I have a hard time seeing why these two should be charged with anything. Perhaps they should have attached American flags to the balloons and claimed their prank was protesting American militarism so they could stand on their First Amendment rights. When ballons and flares are outlawed, only outlaws will play with balloons and flares. […]

Family services in New Jersey have removed three children with Nazi-inspired names from their home. The family came to the attention of the media when they sued a grocery store who refused to supply them with a birthday cake for one of the children, Adolf Hitler Campbell. The Express-Times of Easton, PA, reports that the […]