Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

A new poll has Anthony Weiner in 4th place in the Democratic Primary for New York City mayor. Anthony Weiner has dropped from the front of the pack to fourth place in the Democratic primary for New York City’s mayoral race, a poll released Monday by Quinnipiac University finds, with voters increasingly viewing his personal […]

If you’re Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City Anthony Weiner, how does your campaign react to the cover of The New Yorker? It’s not like you can ask the campaign manager for a statement. So here’s the real question. What do New York Democrats do now? Do they stand by their man? You’ll […]

Mayor Bloomberg’s jumbo soda ban may have been temporarily stalled, but it gave me a topic for my first piece for RightWisconsin.com (subscriber only – sorry). One of the leading national scolds is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg actually got the city to ban large sugary drinks over 16 ounces. The ban was […]

The reason for that law is that if more than 16oz of sugary soda is poured on Mayor Bloomberg, he’ll melt. — Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) March 11, 2013 Print this entry

Remind me again how the political left is nothing but a bunch of peaceful butterflies taking on terrorizing Tea Party members. Because when I read stories like this, I tend to forget. Two cops were injured Saturday night when police clashed with a throng of anarchists, who attacked them with metal pipes and wreaked havoc […]

The White House will release the photo of the flyover of New York after all. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Wednesday that an internal report will probably be completed this week. “We’ll release its findings and release a photo,” he said. That was after Gibbs indicated Tuesday that the White House would […]

So after spending over $300,000 and scaring the bejeebers outta New York City, the Obama Administration would like to airbrush history. The $328,835 snapshots of an Air Force One backup plane buzzing lower Manhattan last week will not be shown to the public, the White House said yesterday. “We have no plans to release them,” […]

Archbishop Dolan has his work cut out for him to imbue New York City with the Christmas spirit. They gave Santa Claus a parking ticket: A New York City man who fought a parking ticket he got while dressed as Santa Claus and giving out toys says the city’s response is more ho-hum than ho-ho. […]

Kathryn Jean Lopez in National Review Online on Archbishop Dolan’s debut at Mass today: {Cardinal} Egan, echoing the gospel of the day, prayed that in the midst of economic and other sorrows— when “one can feel that somehow the Lord is not with us”—there would belief, not unbelief. He ended the sermon praying that the […]

Archbishop Dolan was easily forgiven when he jokingly claimed resistance to the idea of moving to Milwaukee. “Oh Lord, not me. I don’t know how to drive in the snow.” But other factors might have caused him to pause when the call came with his appointment to Milwaukee. Dolan’s successor may pause at his appointment, […]