Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Is a recount even needed? I asked that question the other night on Twitter, and it looks like the answer is no. The difference between JoAnne Kloppenburg and Justice David Prosser is just too big for any recount to overcome. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial page says as long as the margin holds up there […]

Elections for judges should continue to be a part of Wisconsin’s democratic tradition. It is a means of holding judges accountable when their ideology is counter to the public’s sense of justice and the law.

Here in Waukesha County, voters did just that when they voted out of office Judge Kathy Stilling and replaced her with Assistant District Attorney Lloyd Carter.

Clearly former Gov. Jim Doyle’s appointment of Stilling, with her background, was contrary to the wishes of Waukesha County residents. The same was true in 2010 when Waukesha County residents voted out of office Judge Richard Congdon, another Doyle appointment, and replaced him with thenstate Rep. Mark Gundrum.

Those two appointments also show the weakness of the appointment-only system. An appointment-only system, as some are advocating, would have stuck Waukesha with two judges we clearly did not want.

A three-judge panel in Minnesota just awarded the US Senate election to former comedian Al Franken, according to the Associated Press. A Minnesota court confirmed Monday that Democrat Al Franken won the most votes in his 2008 Senate race against Republican Norm Coleman, who had already announced plans to appeal the decision. Coleman has 10 […]

Minnesota comedian and candidate for senate Al Franken is requesting the court allow him to be given a temporary certification as senator while the courts consider a challenge to the election results by Senator Norm Coleman. Coleman and Franken competed in last November’s election, only to have results so close that a recount was needed. […]