Saturday, August 24th, 2019

“It seems that destiny has taken a hand.” – Rick, from Casablanca Yeah, about that whole primary challenge to Congressman Tom Petri by State Sen Glenn Grothman? It just got whacked. This is from a press release from State Sen Joe Leibham, State Sen. Joe Leibham (pronounced: LĪ–päm) announced Friday that he will take the next few […]

Well, I don’t have Owen Robinson to kick around anymore. Ten years of blogging and he’s calling it quits. Who will forget such great commentary from Owen such as, “neat.” Then there was the pithy, “interesting.” The immortal, “Wow.” And the all-time classic, “yikes.” I make fun of Owen, but as someone who has been […]

Wigderson is right. – Owen Robinson Well, yeah. Of course. Print this entry

Owen Robinson’s column this week thanks Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate for all of the conservative advances in recent years. Since Tate assumed his current position, Wisconsin has made remarkable conservative advances. The state finally permitted concealed carry. The legislature signed Act 10 to begin to control the cost of government. The state government has […]

Owen Robinson notes the departure of a local union boss in his area, I’m hearing that the president of our local teachers union, Jason Penterman, is not running for president again. That’s a shame. I’ll miss his disjointed rants and threats of legal action. Print this entry

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is moving to a paid online subscription service. JS Everywhere will cost a stiff $2.35 per week, or you can subscribe to the print edition (ink, paper, that sort of thing). Just subscribing to the Sunday edition costs $2.30 each week and you still get JS Everywhere. Unless you subscribe to […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “PolitiFact” rates some leftwing bloggers on their ridiculous claim that Governor Scott Walker is giving himself a pay raise while freezing the pay of state workers. Of course, the governor’s pay was set by the previous legislature and governor, something those leftwing bloggers should have known. Ironically, PolitiFact’s look into the […]

I’m not quite with Owen Robinson on this, but I understand the sentiment. When asked if he would support former Congressman Mark Neumann in the general election for Senate against Congressman Tammy Baldwin, Robinson replied (comment 10), No. If Baldwin wins, she will be equally effective in the Senate as she is in the House. […]

Owen Robinson made a recent trip to Minnesota right in the middle of the “Dry Season” and made an important discovery: Perhaps the most curious lesson I took away from many of my Minnesotan friends was that the government shutdown was, for the most part, no big deal. This runs counter to the hysterical news […]

Owen Robinson found a map of the “gun-free” zones in Milwaukee. These are not zones where handguns are available for free. These are zones where citizens are not allowed to have a gun to defend themselves because they would be within 1000 feet of a school’s property. I don’t think anyone is going to confuse […]