Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Actual Breitbart headline: Here is the “fire” that was set: You can get a bigger crowd for a demonstration for a timeshare…  in Beloit. Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 8/4/16 Page A6 Opinion Battle of the Pauls Tuesday election battle for GOP soul Can Paul Nehlen unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan? Rarely has such a local election, the Republican primary in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, had such importance. We’re not expecting a large turnout, but the impact could be enormous. The odds […]

No tote bag or coffee mug, but I think my daughter swiped a Wisconsin Public Radio magnet. Shhh, don’t tell them. Actually, it was a nice visit to the Milwaukee studios with my daughter so I could make an appearance on Central Time to discuss Governor Scott Walker’s endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz in the […]

From Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: “Anger is not a plan. Anger is not a principle. Anger is not enough.” Print this entry

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan even gets a new nifty logo: Transcript of Speaker Paul Ryan’s remarks to the House of Representatives after being elected: Thank you, Madam Leader. Before I begin, I want to thank the family and friends who flew in from Wisconsin and from all over to be here today. In […]

State lines do not a boundary make, no freedom of speech is safe, when Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is around. The Government Accountability Board and Chisholm, using the database built in the illegal John Doe investigation, targeted national conservatives as well as those in Wisconsin. the Wall Street Journal reports: From that investigation […]

Congressman Paul Ryan spoke to the MacIver Institute about a possible post-Burwell world, urging states not to give in to scare tactics. “We have an obligation, and an opportunity, to show how we would and should do things differently.” Print this entry

Interesting article at the Washington Post (and not just because it links to me) on the argument within the GOP over the future of the Export-Import bank. The future of an obscure but far-reaching federal agency has emerged as an early litmus test for Republican presidential contenders, who are being forced to pick sides between […]

Over at the MacIver Institute, I reviewed Congressman Paul Ryan’s book, “The Way Forward.” The book is part memoir, part political program. As we follow Ryan’s career he tells a number of cautionary tales where conservative missteps actually made things worse. Not because conservatives were wrong on the policy goals, but because the tactics were […]

Waukesha Freeman August 21, 2014 Page A6 Opinion Liberal tantrums have no end  Ryan’s book targeted for vandalism I have yet to meet the proverbial white angry male at Republican gatherings or at tea party events. Not even the proverbial white angry female. Or, at least if I have, they seem to have left their […]