Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Last night I posted the winners of the MacIver Institute’s first ever End of the Legislative Session awards. Here were my nominees: Taxpayer Hero – Has to be State Representative Leah Vukmir, for stopping the RTA with a timely amendment. Taxpayer Villain – State Representative Jeff Wood. He’s going to jail, the legislature is going […]

The MacIver Institute is handing out the awards to celebrate the end of the legislative calendar. In part one, they handed out the following: Steel Spine: Senator Tim Carpenter Spine of Jello: Senator Kathleen Vinehout Straight Talker: Senator Jeff Plale Mr. Sensitivity: Representative Pedro Colon Taxpayer Hero: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Raquel Rutledge Taxpayer Villain: […]

Starting this week the Waukesha Freeman will no longer be posting my column online at Some changes are being made to the website and the opinion columnists are moving behind the subscription wall. Think of it as Conley Select. Or you can still read it on the dead tree version for just 50 cents. […]

I received the following note from Mike Leon**, a leftwing blogger supporting (but not a paid employee of) the assembly campaign of Pedro Colon. On Sunday, I mentioned the challenge to Colon’s nomination signatures as part of our “Idiot Politician of the Week” feature. Jim, Colon submitted almost 300 signatures. The challenge is coming from […]

This week the Idiot Politician of the Week feature is back by demand. We know you missed it. We know you love it. We know politicians hate it. But as they prove weekly, what do they know? Think globally, accuse locally. That’s my motto. (What’s a motto with you?) Wisconsin Commerce Secretary Jack Fischer has […]

Pedro Colon lost to incumbent Grant Langley, proving voters do like experience and qualifications over… what the heck was Colon doing running anyway? McGee lost. Maybe he can be elected as activities leader for his cell block. I’m thinking of changing my name to Coggs. Scott Walker won re-election. Milwaukee County Parks are going to […]

I forgot to include these predictions with my other list: Milwaukee County Executive County Executive Scott Walker will defeat State Senator Lena Taylor. The campaign was successfully framed about taxes, and buses and parks hardly stir the masses. Taylor should have focused on the pension scandal, but that would require her to know something about […]