Friday, November 17th, 2017

I had an interesting discussion the other night with Tom Noll, a local artist. It was on something unrelated but he asked me if I was familiar with his work. I told him I was and how I almost purchased a print of his that was on display at Sprizzo. It was a smaller version […]

Breitbart’s Big Hollywood is offering to host a debate between actor Matt Damon and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol. Kristol agreed after hearing of Damon-the-intellectual call Kristol an idiot in an interview.  The only way Damon could win this is if Kristol decided to start taking LSD at Syd Barrett levels. Print this entry

One of the founding members of Pink Floyd died today of cancer. Rick Wright was 65 years old. “My best times in the band were in the middle of the ’60s,” says Wright. “In the beginning we used to do jam sessions. We would start playing long tracks, that we never knew how and when […]

C’mon, you knew I was going to have that tune running through my head sometime this week. Anyway, my column is up at the site and it’s a little more personal than I care to write, but what the hell. Today’s the last day of school. Print this entry