Friday, April 27th, 2018

Despite thoughts last year that I might join the crowd of Polar Bear swimmers at Lake Michigan, discretion became the better part of valor. Maybe next year. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the experience of one person who took the plunge: “This was the worst year,” said Nic Stanczyk, just after his dip. He was […]

I’m going to lose some weight this year and then start the new year by joining Brien Lee for a dip in the pool. I’d say, “Somebody has to do it,” but they do it every year. Print this entry

Before you let your child play on the Build-A-Bear website, you need to be aware the company would like to ruin Christmas. One part of the site lets your child take a journey to the North Pole. There your child will learn that Christmas is about to be cancelled due to global warming. Girl Elf: […]

Apparently polar bears are so depressed, they’re not waiting for global warming to put an end to it all. I wish I was the first with this comment, “If team Coal gets David Beckham, what chance does the Earth have?” Okay, I thought it was funny. Here’s another polar bear, apparently choosing to die at […]

Here’s a video that debuted yesterday at the Copenhagen conference. I just love the little stuffed polar bear in peril. Nice touch. (Ht: The Foundry) The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t let environmentalists around your children or they will be convinced that there are monsters underneath the bed trying to get at […]

The New York Times did a profile of Freeman Dyson recently, including a look at his career and his controversial views on global warming. Dyson believes we need more data before we become concerned about anthropogenic global warming. He also believes man will either be able to adjust to any climate change or else fix […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Zero the Polar Bear was tranquilized in the moat of his habitat and removed against his will. Employees of the Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker fired several darts at the cornered bear and then forcibly removed him from the moat with a crane. Walker’s “gang of ten” then wrapped […]

Zero the Polar Bear is apparently smarter than your average bear and is refusing to climb into the trap. Have they tried Halloween candy? Print this entry

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Zero the polar bear is refusing to climb into the crate full of herring and apples to be lifted back to his habitat. Must not be Ma Baensch herring. Print this entry

Apparently singing the Obama song and other enticements wasn’t enough for Zero. The Milwaukee County Zoo’s polar bear fell into the moat in front of his habitat 14 days ago and has not shown much interest in leaving. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a crane-lowered trap will be used to capture the bear […]